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Olivet's Arboretum

From Olivet the Magazine, Spring 2022

This spring, Olivet Nazarene University joined the ranks of 508 internationally accredited arboreta in the world with a Level I Certification through the Morton Arboretum’s interactive community, ArbNet.

The certification process included a self assessment application that involved labeling the more than 25 varieties of trees on the 250-acre campus and submitting a master maintenance plan detailing how the University’s Physical Plant team and local contractor Beary Landscaping regularly care for the trees.

Nurses in Demand

From Olivet the Magazine, Spring 2022

According to a policy brief from the International Council of Nurses from late 2021, there is a predicted shortage of nearly 13 million nurses in the global workforce. Nursingworld.com recently reported more U.S. job openings in nursing than any other profession.

In Every Season: Root Grow Thrive

From Olivet the Magazine, Spring 2022

Olivet is situated in northeast Illinois and the heart of the Midwest, where the view of the landscape changes drastically depending on the weather and season. The seemingly flat land is raised and lowered as the fields sprout up before inevitably being harvested down to the dried stalks.